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On-Spot Hassle Free Blinds and Curtain Cleaning Services

ECO Services experienced that the average customer believes curtains should be cleaned when they look dirty. This is why we highlight that the amount of heat, smoke, oil and moisture present in the internal environment of houses and workspaces gradually causes the fabric to deteriorate. And if not these elements may be the causes then direct sunlight adds to the fading away effect of the curtains and blinds.

Professional curtain and blind cleaning enhances the life of the curtain or blind fabric which is inexpensive as compared to the cost of complete curtain replacement.

Apart from residential cleaning services, ECO Services is one recognized name in bringing highly effective corporate and domestic solutions of cleaning to our clients. Within houses or workspace, curtains and blinds are critical in creating the ambiance of the spaces. If these curtains or blinds are ill maintained, they not only damage the look of the space but also create unhygienic conditions with deposits of dirt.


On-Spot Cleaning of Curtain and Blinds can be availed in Dubai , Sharjah , Ajman , Alain , Abu dhabi , Fujairah.

ECO Services professional on-spot curtain and blind cleaning services in  Dubai , Sharjah , Ajman , Alain , Abu dhabi , Fujairah. bring to you hassle-free, immediate responsive and guaranteed cleaning solution. There is no need to uninstall and reinstall your curtains or blinds for cleaning. Without any effort or transportation, we bring our cleaning products and professional equipment to get the job done on-spot in least possible time.

ECO Services specializes in the cleaning of heavy and delicate fabric of curtains, as they both cannot be washed in washing machines. The usual spinning in washing machines may destroy the fabric. ECO Services technically washes the curtains while they are hanging with proper washing and drying machines. The fabric is not twisted or distorted at any point. This method makes the curtains ready for use almost instantly.

Similarly, ECO Services has advanced upholstery cleaning machine attachments to clean your roman blinds on-spot. The blinds are first treated for any major stains with certified cleaning products. The safety of fabric and surrounding is ensured. There is no issue of left out wet surfaces or damp smells.

Your curtains and blinds will become clean, shiny and ready for use in no time. So, if you want to make your workspaces and house rooms clean and presentable for yourself, guests or urgent meetings, give us a call.

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